WAM (Worship, Activities & Music)

WAM (Worship, Activities & Music)

Children are very important to the ongoing and future ministry of our church; therefore, it is our goal to provide children with the best possible opportunity of learning essential life-skills, Biblical truths and the joy of worshiping God through music and the arts. WAM includes worship and music time for children from preschool through sixth grade and track classes (activities) for children from kindergarten through sixth grade. All ages participate in their own yearly productions as well as taking part in various seasonal events throughout the year. Under the leadership and direction of our WAM Coordinator, Stacy Wolfe, the WAM ministry has grown to be an important part of the overall Children’s Ministry of our church.

Wee Praise! is for those ages 2 through 4 years. In Wee Praise! your child will experience worshiping Jesus through singing, listening and moving. Kids Praise! is for those in Kindergarten through 4th grade. With the Bible, hymns, songs, devotions, games and hand-on activities, your child will be equipped to grow spiritually and musically, developing a heart for Jesus and worship. Praise 56! is an exciting and active music program for those in 5th and 6th grade. In this program, kids meet for fellowship, study God’s Word and worship our Lord through music. Praise 56! also participates in an annual Music & Mission tour where they go into our community and beyond, for a weekend, as they sing and serve those of different ages and backgrounds.

Summer WAM gives us the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the warmth of the season. Summer WAM includes outdoor fun mixed with Bible lessons and spiritual truths where we enjoy themed nights such as outdoor movie nights, color runs, and water nights. 

WAM meets on Wednesday evenings (August through April) at 6:30 pm in the children’s building. Summer WAM meets on Wednesday evenings (May and June) at 6:30 pm in the children’s building.


All ages meet together for a time of worship through singing. WAM Worship includes fun songs, Bible lessons, worship songs and every month we recognize and celebrate birthdays!


All ages have a focused music time each week. Different ages will learn songs to lead in our Sunday worship service as well as seasonal concerts. We desire for kids to feel confident in reading music as they grow in our WAM Ministry.


All ages are engaged in hands-on activities throughout the evening. For Wee Praise! this includes play time in the classroom as well as playground time, when weather allows. Our Kids Praise! & Praise 56! kids are involved in track classes each week. Track classes are focused activities for kids to be engaged in on a weekly basis. From recreation, art classes, musical classes to craft classes, kids can choose a track class that interest them and learn more about that activity.