Family Ministries

Family Ministries

LLBC Family Ministries Vision Statement - Glorify God by making disciples in the family – nurturing and strengthening each family member into Christ-like maturity.

One of the blessings and realities of life in the USA is that the American family may take many different forms. According to recent research, over 50% of US families would be considered non-traditional (Single Parent, Step Family, etc.). This is a blessing because a member of a non-traditional family should not feel inferior or odd. It is a reality that must be accepted because so many people only think of traditional families (Father, Mother, Biological Children) when they hear the word - “family”.

At LLBC, we want to serve and minister to all types of families. You can see that we have a wide variety of family ministries, that continues to grow.

Please consider letting LLBC Family Ministries assist you in your journey of life together. Deuteronomy 6:6,7

Broken Circle

To help the widowed recognize their need to daily depend upon the Lord and to realize that all their strength and peace comes from Him. To provide understanding and support to the widow and to help her grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord

Grief Share

To remind us to focus on the positives, and allow God to grow us through our loss and healing.

To comfort and support those who have suffered a loss. To assure them that God is in control of their situation, even when they can’t see that at the time.

Home Education

This ministry is operated to meet members’ needs and to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ while so doing. We are not a home educating church, but we are a church who supports parental choice regarding the education of their children

Respite Care

To provide a caring, loving and fun atmosphere so parents and caregivers can have a deep sense of peace in knowing their loved one will be accepted and taken care of in God’s love.

Wayne Peter's Ministry

Ministry responsible for helping the Lindsay Lane members and family members who are in nursing homes or home bound with a touch and encouraging word.


Ministry responsible for helping the widows and widowers of Lindsay Lane who do not have family who can help them or cannot help themselves with light projects.