Dwaine Stroud

Personal BIO:

Personal BIO:

Date of Birth: 4/11/1969

Spouse: Connie Stroud

Anniversary: 05/25/1991

Children: Nathan Stroud, Joshua Stroud, and Timothy Stroud

Dwaine has been in full time music ministry since 1990. He has been involved with churches in Texas, Virginia and South Carolina. He brings with him experience in leading worship, choir, orchestra, Easter and Christmas productions, praise teams, children’s choirs and drama teams. He also has led workshop sessions within the state Baptist conventions and has done recording projects with choirs.

Connie (Dwaine’s Wife) is very supportive of Dwaine’s ministry and knows that God has also placed a special call on her life to be a minister’s wife. She has been active in church music programs all of her life, even before being saved at age 15. Connie enjoys singing in the choir and being involved in weekly bible studies. She has also been active volunteering at the boys’ schools.

Ministries that Dwaine oversees:


Children’s Choir

Celebration Service

Choir & Orchestra



Dwaine Stroud

Associate Pastor