Celebration Service

Here at LLBC, the Celebration Service is defined by its far-reaching worship — worship in which aspects of both the contemporary and blended are evident and are seamlessly brought together for a God-honoring, engaging, and life-changing service.

Music is led by the Worship Choir, Orchestra, and Praise Team, and the songs we sing span from our grandest traditions to our freshest expressions. The worship is engaging and intelligent — stirring both the heart and mind.

The goal of every service is to enter into God’s presence and power — giving Him the glory, pleasing Him, and ministering to His desire and command for worship. In doing so, believers are filled with His power and non-believers are touched by His presence. Believers consistently grow in their worship while non-believers learn what it means to worship. The Word is preached, and believers are made stronger while non-believers realize their need for God and are saved.

We hope you will join us as we celebrate and honor our God through worship.